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These courses are specially designed and developed according to the market demands and needs of today’s emerging international and global persuasive strategies into the local market.

Course Aims

These courses in Health & Safety are designed to provide you with the expertise required to undertake a promising career as a health and safety manager or officer. It also provides a sound basis for progression to an MSc or more specialist study. You will learn how to do incident reporting and investigation, implement and monitor various health and safety policies and procedures, conduct audits, and most importantly put forward solutions to common day workplace health and safety issues.

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Our Process

Step 01

Search for your course

Step 01

Search your desire course you like, go through it at any time convenient for you. Training on the courses is based on the gradual passage of lectures and video lessons. After each section of the course you need to pass a test in which you can determine the level of achievement

Step 02

Take Lessons

Step 02

Lessons are provided in various formats (video, presentation, text). We welcome the free expression of ideas and comments on improving the site. Communication and interaction with other participants of the course will be encouraged with assigning the rank and level of the user from beginner to expert.

Step 03

Preview the Syllabus

Step 03

The passage of lessons at the course is carried out in stages, you can get acquainted with the syllabus for each of the courses. There is the possibility of changing the content of the syllabus depending on the comments of users. Without successfully passing the test on a section, you can not go to the next section of a higher level

Step 04

Submission of The Final Test

Step 04

At the end of each course, you must pass the final testing, according to which you can get a certificate. In the event that you do not complete the course, you will be provided with detailed feedback with links to materials that need to be repeated.