About us

About Us

B-WISE Private Limited was established in September 2014 and sole purpose was to provide state of the art training and consultancy services throughout Pakistan. Currently we are operating in Lahore and Islamabad. Looking forward to current space in the market we would like to explore new opportunities and keen to expand our business in other major cities of Pakistan like Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Karachi as well in line with increasing training facilities and offering multiple new local and international courses.

B-WISE Private Limited is a start up company which offers Different services like Training, Consultancy, Auditing and Trading.

Looking into our past experience and current survey it has been drawn out that Pakistan has a lot of potential for Training and Consultancy business. So far due to current democratic stability there is lot of foreign investment coming in Pakistan and many mega construction projects like Dams, Thermal Power houses, Solar Parks, motorways and many more have been started, which needs bulk skilled and trained manpower. It gives us a great opportunity to be a part of these projects providing them training and consultancy services.

Being factual it is true that there are established competitors in the market but yet there is a space of highly professional organizations in training and consultancy business. Thus we have managed a qualified and innovative team in marketing and operational side to become a challenger and leader in the market. Our target market will be Universities, Technical Colleges, Construction Companies, and Production Industries. Through seminars we will create awareness of our offered courses and their value in the international market, which will help to enroll desired candidates.

We have previously worked with organizations like NESTLE, Descon Engineering, Engro Foods, LESCO to train their safety professionals and have managed good relations with their officials. We will offer them a permanent training and consultancy services at best quality and rates which will help us grow our name rapidly in the market.